Plan a team building event – 10 top tips

How to plan a corporate away day that will get lasting results for your team building event.

1 – Decide on your team objectives-Your event should be an opportunity for your team to relax, bond and to improve their moral. Are you looking for them to learn certain skills or to come togeather for a particular goal. It makes sense to consider the bigger picture as a company whilst planning your day and consider what your staff need to be achieving over the next year. Once you can see that you can work back and decide what type of event would be most suitable.

2 – Find out what motivates your team – Engaging with department heads and staff to find out how the are motivated will allow you to tailor your package to be most effective. Find out what kind of activities they like the sound of too. Its hard to please everyone but giving a few options could mean the team is more cohesive and will approach the day with a positive attitude.

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3 – Choose the best venue – The more memorable the venue and experience the longer the lessons taught will last. Give your team something to talk about and laugh about for years to come. Stimulate all of their senses so that any new skills they learn will stick.

4 – Ask an expert – Once you understand your objectives you will want to organise activities which will deliver lasting results. Working with a company who provides goal centred activities can be helpful as they understand what will suit your company.

5 – Choose activities that build team rather than create potential conflict Team building and boosted moral are the key to any successful away day so bringing the team closer is key. Many activities that are catered towards the corporate market can be highly competitive so its worth being mindful of how to be inclusive of everyone, and bring the best out in each individual so that they can become a valuable asset to the team.

6 – Get the timing right – When people are working to deadlines or very busy with a project, it can be incredibly frustrating to leave the office for an activity, as fun as it sounds. Plan your event at quiet times of year so that you get the best from your staff.

7 – Build excitement – Start the positive energy in your workplace early by building excitement to the big away day. Notify them of the date as early as you can and give them a tantalising taste of whats to come with countdown notifications leading up to the big day. Keeping some things a secret is a good idea. You want everyone to be talking and speculating about whats to come.

8 – Set ground rules – As we all know from office Christmas parties, lots of booze and a new environment can lead to people to do things that they might regret. Deciding on your outcomes will allow you to plan your event accordingly so that any issues are minimised. Be really clear with what you expect from your team so that they know what the parameters are. If its a big party great, if you want them to take time to reflect, relax and learn let them know.

9 – Regroup – The morning after the day before ( if you are staying over) is a great time to bring your team together to reflect on what you have all achieve together. Congratulate them and thank them for their hard work. When you leave to go back to the office it should be a team started a fresh. United, stronger and more positive.

10 – Followup – If you have some key objectives in place make sure that you continue to monitor the progress that your team have made once back in the office. It’s easy for lessons to be forgotten if there are no reminders, especially in a busy environment. Building a strong, motivated team is a process which requires dedication. A team building event is a brilliant way to kickstart this process.

For a goal centred, motivating away day speak to the Elessar Events team and ask about Camp Kindred- our festival style team building away day packages. A night and a day of fun, music and workshops all held at our award winning glamping village in West Sussex.

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