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Elessar Sustainability Policy

Hey there, Nature Lover! 👋

Welcome to our little slice of paradise at Elessar Yurt Village. We’re more than just a picturesque getaway; we’re a community deeply rooted in love for our planet. Here, every tree, bird, and star is part of our extended family, and we’re committed to keeping our family thriving. That’s where our sustainability policy comes in – it’s not just a set of rules; it’s our pledge to Mother Nature.

Eco-Action: Measuring and Mitigating Your Event’s Impact

We are excited to announce the launch of our innovative Carbon Footprint Calculator, a cutting-edge tool designed to measure the carbon production associated with every event hosted at Elessar. Understanding the environmental impact of our gatherings is a critical step towards responsible stewardship. To complement this initiative, we offer our clients the unique opportunity to offset their carbon footprint. We’ve partnered with a diverse range of carefully selected charities, each dedicated to environmental conservation and sustainability efforts. By choosing one of these charities, our clients can actively contribute to offsetting the carbon production of their events, thereby transforming their gatherings into milestones for positive environmental action. This is just one more way we’re working together to foster a sustainable future.

Embracing Nature with Care

In our cosy yurt village, we live in harmony with nature. We tread lightly, ensuring our footprints are as gentle as a butterfly’s. From using eco-friendly materials in our yurts to conserving water, we’re all about loving our environment in practical ways.

Waste Not, Want Not

We believe in reducing, reusing, and recycling. Our waste management system is a thing of beauty – think composting, recycling stations, a reuse shelf in our tree house kitchen and minimising single-use plastics. From portable water caddy’s by every accommodation to reusable drinking cups. Every little bit helps, and we’re here to make it fun and easy!

Energy Efficiency is Our Jam

Solar panels? You bet! Energy-efficient appliances? Absolutely! We harness the power of the sun and the wind to light up our lives, making sure we’re as green as the lush woods surrounding us.

Local Love

We’re big fans of our local community. From sourcing food locally to supporting nearby businesses, we’re all about keeping it in the family. It’s better for the planet and helps our community thrive too!

Education and Advocacy

Knowledge is power, and we love sharing it. Join us for workshops on sustainability, nature walks, and talks that inspire. We’re not just about doing good; we’re about spreading the word and making a difference together.

Always Evolving

Just like nature, we’re constantly growing and adapting. We’re always on the lookout for new ways to be even more sustainable and eco-friendly. Got an idea? We’re all ears!

Why Our Policy Matters

At Elessar, we believe that every small step towards sustainability creates a ripple effect of positive change. By staying with us, you’re not just choosing a getaway; you’re joining a movement of eco-conscious living and a celebration of nature. In line with the principles of the Children’s Fire, we steadfastly uphold the commitment that no law, no decision, nothing of any kind will be agreed by this council that will harm the children, seven generations to come. This deep respect for future generations is woven into every aspect of our operations, ensuring that our actions today contribute to a healthier, greener world for tomorrow. Together, let’s make the world a little greener, one yurt stay at a time. 🌍💚

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