Team away days that give lasting results?

Team away days Camp Kindred

Team away days can be a great way to reward your staff after a busy year but are you making the most of them? They can be a fantastic opportunity to teach your team new skills allowing them to work better together.

We have hosted events for some of the biggest brands in the UK. From Homebase and Gourmet Burger Kitchen to The Hilton Hotel Group and Greene King Breweries. Each business is different and wants to create something unique for their team, however our experience has shown us that the majority have goals which fit into certain categories. We want to share these with you and give you an insight into how some of the best established and most successful companies have planned their team away day.


So what could I achieve from an away day? Well, it helps to start by looking at what you have planned for the business over the next year and seeing if your team are best prepared to meet these challenges already or if they could do with a few more skills in their toolkit. Perhaps you have been through a very intense or stressful period and everyone needs to relax, rejuvenate and get back on track. From our experience we have found that companies are looking to fulfil one or more of these requirements:




Boosted Moral


Improved communication



A better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses

To feel closer as a team

To have learn’t a new useful skill 


Team away days-what your favourite brands are doing.


Red Bull are well known to be a high energy brand. This energy is infectious and is infused into every part of their business. From F1 and Moto GP through to soapbox and flugtag, everything they associate with is fast and exciting. It stands to reason that the staff working behind the scenes need to ooze the energy and passion of the brand. The Red-bull team came to Plush Tents for an action packed day and a night. They chose a selection of strategic, energetic games to get their team moving and competing. They called their event Camp Red Bull and named each yurt after a Glastonbury Stage with a competition to decide who would get the double bed!  Re-energising a team too often stuck behind a desk helped them to remember their brands identity and what they stand for. 

ITV on the other hand recognised how important it is to manage stress in the workplace. In the fast paced world of TV, people work long, often unsociable hours under intense deadlines. The focus for their retreat was to teach their team some techniques that could help them to be the best, without compromising their health long term. These included mindfulness and reframing exercises amongst fun activities, great food and time to de-stress. The time spent away together allowed them to decompress, whilst the new information gave them the skills needed to do this in their daily lives and back in the office.

Space Lab recreated their own mini festival vibe, determined to make full use of being outside for a while. Glitter tattoos and fabulous face-paint set the team up for hoola hooping and a steel drum lesson where everyone learned to understand each others rhythms and how to work together to make beautiful music. Letting people loose their inhibitions and be themselves were key to the success of this event and will allow creative ideas to flow better on their next project.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen, unsurprisingly based their away day around food, but it was the bonding that was key. The team spent time slow cooking, rustic soul food, getting back to nature, understanding the process and enjoying a meal made with love. 

Vita Coco was pure fun from start to finish. Team building was key for this group with plenty of competitive fun throughout their stay. All of the activities were designed around spending time together and a good time was had by all. 

Different brands. Different aims but a common thread running through all. Bring everyone together, raise the energy and make sure everyone is feeling refreshed and ready for a new working day. Which Camp Kindred activities would best benefit your team?


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