Maximise Well-being with Team Building Away Days: Nature’s Solution to Workplace Stress

Team building away days emerge as a beacon of rejuvenation and camaraderie

In the bustling world of corporate achievements and deadlines, team building away days emerge as a beacon of rejuvenation and camaraderie. These retreats offer more than just a break from the office; they’re an essential strategy for enhancing team dynamics and overall workplace morale. Embracing the great outdoors for such events has proven to be not just beneficial but transformative, thanks to the inherent calming properties of nature. This narrative explores the profound impact of integrating nature into team building away days and how this practice not only alleviates stress but also fosters a more cohesive and resilient team.

The Healing Power of Nature on Team Dynamics

The concept of Shirin-yoku, or Forest Bathing, rooted in Japanese culture, underscores the therapeutic effect of spending time in nature. It’s a practice that the modern workplace is beginning to appreciate, as scientific research corroborates the stress-reducing benefits of being outdoors. A groundbreaking study by Dr. Mary Carol Hunter from the University of Michigan provides empirical evidence supporting the use of “nature pills” to combat workplace stress. According to her research, just 20-30 minutes of nature engagement significantly lowers cortisol levels, offering a potent antidote to the pressures of contemporary work life.

Addressing Modern Workplace Stress

Today’s work culture often celebrates overexertion, overlooking the detrimental effects of chronic stress. This incessant drive to achieve can lead to a plethora of health issues, from increased susceptibility to chronic diseases to mental health struggles like anxiety and depression. Moreover, stress doesn’t just affect individuals; it permeates teams, diminishing productivity and morale. Herein lies the value of team building away days, particularly those spent in natural settings. They provide a much-needed pause, allowing teams to disconnect from digital tethers and reconnect with each other on a more human level.

Crafting Effective Team Building Away Days in Nature

Team building away days held in nature aren’t just beneficial for stress reduction; they offer unique opportunities for personal and collective growth. Activities designed around nature’s rhythm foster better communication, enhance problem-solving skills, and reinforce the team’s bond. From guided hikes that mirror project management challenges to mindfulness sessions under the canopy of trees, the potential to translate natural experiences into workplace skills is immense.

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The Broader Benefits for Teams

Teams that engage in away days in natural settings report higher levels of satisfaction and engagement. The informal, serene backdrop of nature encourages open dialogue, helping team members voice concerns and share insights that might not surface in the conventional boardroom setting. Moreover, the shared experiences and memories forged during these retreats become the bedrock for a stronger, more empathetic team culture.

Implementing Nature into Your Team Building Strategy

Incorporating nature into your team building away days requires thoughtful planning but the returns on this investment are multifaceted. Whether it’s a half-day retreat to a local park or a full weekend in a secluded forest, the objective remains the same: to provide a space where your team can unwind, reset, and grow together. It’s about finding balance in the fast-paced corporate world and acknowledging that sometimes, stepping back is the best way to leap forward.

What is the benefit of having an away day at Elessar events

The benefit of having an away day at Elessar events is team building, fostering creativity, and enhancing communication among team members.

Why are overnight team building activities better than just days?

Overnight team building activities provide more time for team members to bond and develop deeper connections compared to day activities.

How do you organise a team away day?

Here are some steps to organise a team away day:

Determine the purpose and goals of the away day.
Decide on the date, time, and location for the event.
Create an agenda or schedule for the day, including activities and sessions.
Consider any logistical arrangements, such as transportation and accommodation, if necessary.
Communicate the details and purpose of the away day to the team members.
Plan team-building activities or workshops to encourage collaboration and bonding.
Arrange for any required resources or materials for the activities.
Ensure that meals and refreshments are provided throughout the day.
Evaluate the success of the away day and gather feedback from team members.

Remember to tailor the organization of the team away day to suit the specific needs and dynamics of your team.

What are work away days?

Work away days are team-building or off-site events where employees participate in activities or workshops that promote teamwork, problem-solving skills, and collaboration. They are typically held outside the usual work environment and aim to improve employee morale, enhance communication, and foster a sense of camaraderie among team members.

What is an example of an effective away day?

An effective away day could be team-building activities followed by brainstorming sessions to encourage collaboration and creativity among team members.

What is the meaning of team building days?

Team building days are events or activities organised for the purpose of fostering collaboration, communication, and teamwork within a group or team. These activities are designed to enhance relationships, develop trust, and improve overall team performance.

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The evidence is clear: team building away days, especially those infused with the essence of nature, offer a robust solution to the malaise of modern work life. They’re not just an escape but a strategic tool for building a more resilient, connected, and satisfied team. As we look toward the new season, the opportunity to redefine what team building means and the environments in which it occurs is upon us.

For teams ready to embrace this transformative approach, Elessar Events stands ready to facilitate your journey. With bespoke nature-based retreats designed to foster unity, creativity, and well-being, we invite you to explore how team building away days can redefine success for your team. Contact us to book your retreat and embark on a journey where nature’s tranquility meets corporate ambition. Let’s step into the woods and discover a new path to team cohesion and productivity together.


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