Transform Your Corporate Retreat with Insights from Nigel of School of the Wild at Elessar Yurt Village


Elessar Yurt Village is dedicated to reshaping the concept of corporate retreats. We believe these experiences should go beyond conventional meetings to spark creativity, strengthen team bonds, and create a meaningful connection with the natural world. In this spirit, we’re excited to present Nigel Berman, the innovative force behind School of the Wild, as a distinguished partner in delivering nature-based activities for corporate teams. Nigel’s deep experience in experiential learning and his passion for the outdoors are the keys to enhancing your corporate retreat experience.

Elevating Corporate Retreats

Corporate retreats offer a valuable opportunity for team development, enhancing engagement, communication skills, and problem-solving abilities. To unlock these benefits, a scenic location alone won’t suffice – you need engaging, thoughtfully designed activities that promote both personal and professional growth.

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Transform Your Corporate Retreat With Insights From Nigel Of School Of The Wild At Elessar Yurt Village 2

Introducing Nigel Berman and School of the Wild

Nigel Berman is a seasoned facilitator whose life revolves around helping individuals and teams rediscover their connection with nature – a journey that ultimately fosters deeper connections among team members. His expertise in outdoor education and team-building makes him the ideal choice for activities at Elessar Yurt Village.

Benefits of Nigel’s Nature-Inspired Activities

Team Bonding: Nigel’s activities are crafted to promote trust, teamwork, and collaboration. Activities such as forest navigation and shelter building strengthen team unity.
Stress Reduction: Immersion in nature decreases stress and enhances mental wellness. Nigel’s programs offer a rejuvenating break from the demands of corporate life.
Leadership Skills: The challenges and reflections experienced in the wild allow individuals to explore and refine their leadership qualities under Nigel’s guidance.
Innovative Problem Solving: Engaging with nature often shifts perspectives, enabling teams to approach problem-solving in new, creative ways that are applicable in the workplace.
Unforgettable Memories: The experiences with Nigel and School of the Wild ensure your retreat remains memorable, with positive impacts lasting long after the event.

Signature Experiences by School of the Wild

Nigel and his team craft various nature-based activities designed to meet your team’s specific needs, including:

  • Fire-making workshops
  • Collective team symbols from natural materials
  • Intuition walks
  • Engaging group games and no-hierarchy circle discussions
  • Trust-building talks by the fire
  • Group wisdom extraction using nature as a ‘whiteboard’
  • Delectable culinary offerings

Successful Retreats with School of the Wild

Since 2018, Nigel’s approach has supported numerous businesses in strengthening their teams through nature. A notable retreat was held for a rapidly growing sustainability firm at Elessar. The team needed to reconnect and regain alignment amidst growth and changes. Through a full-day outdoor experience, they engaged in symbolic activities, games, and reflective conversations, fostering a strong, cohesive team ready to implement new, collective actions.

What types of team-building activities can we expect at Elessar Yurt Village?

At Elessar Yurt Village, we offer a wide array of activities designed to strengthen team bonds and foster collaboration in a natural setting. From outdoor adventures that challenge and excite, to wellness activities that rejuvenate mind and body, we tailor our activities to suit your team’s needs. Engage in problem-solving challenges, creative workshops, or enjoy our serene environment for mindful reflection. Our aim is to boost morale, enhance communication, and inspire creativity among your team members​​​​.

Can the yurts and airstreams accommodate our entire team comfortably?

Absolutely! Our yurt village is equipped with 12 Woodland Yurts and 4 Field Yurts, alongside luxurious airstreams, each designed for comfort and tranquility. Accommodating up to 4 individuals per yurt, our accommodations come with luxury bedding, towels, wood-burning stoves, and modern amenities like USB charging points. Our airstreams offer a unique blend of luxury and nature, ensuring a restful stay. Whether you’re looking for a cozy retreat or a space to bond, our accommodations cater to your needs​​​​​​.

How does Elessar Yurt Village ensure a successful and stress-free corporate retreat?

At Elessar, we’re dedicated to providing a seamless and enjoyable experience from start to finish. Our team works closely with you to tailor the retreat to your objectives, from activity planning to catering options. Our on-site support ensures every detail is managed, allowing you to focus on your team. Our tranquil woodland setting naturally reduces stress, encouraging relaxation and connection. With our commitment to excellence and attention to detail, we guarantee a memorable and impactful retreat​​​​​​.

What amenities and facilities are available for corporate events at Elessar?

Elessar Yurt Village boasts a comprehensive range of amenities to support your corporate event. This includes luxury toilet and shower blocks, a fully-equipped tree house kitchen for dining and catering needs, a 30ft yurt for meetings and workshops, and outdoor areas like our campfire and hex shade for relaxed gatherings. With facilities to accommodate up to 120 people, we offer a versatile venue for both work and leisure, ensuring your event is both productive and enjoyable​​​​​​.

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions and preferences with your catering options?

Yes, we pride ourselves on accommodating all dietary needs and preferences through our network of quality street food vendors and caterers. From large pan food and BBQ to specialised cuisine, we ensure a delightful culinary experience that meets everyone’s dietary requirements. Our team is committed to ensuring that all guests enjoy a sumptuous dining experience that is as inclusive as it is delicious​​​​.

What makes Elessar Yurt Village a unique and memorable location for corporate retreats?

Elessar Yurt Village stands out for its enchanting woodland setting, sustainable practices, and a strong sense of community and inclusivity. Our retreats offer a rare blend of nature’s tranquility and modern comfort, fostering an environment where teams can connect, grow, and find inspiration. Our commitment to creating unforgettable experiences is reflected in every detail, from the luxurious accommodations to the carefully curated activities. Choosing Elessar means stepping into a world where work meets wonder, ensuring a retreat that leaves lasting memories and a rejuvenated team spirit​​​​​​​​.


Hosting your corporate retreat at Elessar Yurt Village with Nigel and School of the Wild presents a transformative opportunity for your team. Our expert-led nature activities provide a unique approach to achieving your goals, fostering personal growth, and creating lasting memories. Contact us to customise an experience that will elevate your corporate retreat and leave an enduring positive impact on your team.

Elevate your team’s potential with Elessar Yurt Village and School of the Wild.


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